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Video to GIF Tutorial Online

How to Create a GIF from Any Video Easily

The fastest solution for convert video to GIF animtion

If you like to surf the web, you’ve probably come in contact with some awesome GIFs. Yes, if a picture says a thousand words, the GIF can say over a million. Did you ever think about create a GIF by yourself or build your own GIFs library?

For those, who are experienced with design, the Photoshop must be the best choice to create animated GIF. It’s powerful and flexible. Everything can be done perfectly. But it’s a little hard for the rest to handle and moreover, it costs much. If you are still looking for a good Photoshop alternative, you can refer to the Video to GIF Converter.

Make Animated GIF from Any Video You Own

Free Download the Animated GIF Creator

The Video to GIF Converter can make you create a GIF from any pop video format like AVI, MPEG, MKV, MOV, VOB, YouTube Video, etc in just 3 easy steps. You don’t need to hold any technical skills. Just open it and do what it shows you to do! Unlike some common online tools, it enables you to fine-tune each frame rate of the animated GIF image and there are no limits to your video size.

How to Create a GIF Perfectly without Photoshop in 3 Steps

Before we start, make sure you’ve downloaded the animated GIF maker and installed it on your computer successfully.

Step 1 – Run Video to GIF Converter and Import Video

Open Video to GIF Converter first, and you’ll see an intuitive interface.

Hit the “Load Video” button. Remember you are allowed to add any pop video file format without restriction.

Note: When you import the video, the program can also be a video player. And all important detailed information can be read like total frames, resolution and time duration. Apart from that, you are able to take a snapshot and get still images from your favorite video.

Step 2 – Set the GIF Length and Try More Features

Drag the time-line bar under the preview window to set the length (time) of the GIF image. Or just type a certain number in the start and end blank.

Resize the output GIF image size if you think the original size is too small or too large. (Optional)

Apply special effects including Black&White, Sharpen, Brighten, Red, Green, Blue and more to touch up the output GIF. (Optional)

Click “Next” and let’s come to the final step.

Set the GIF Length

Note: If you want to get a better GIF, Video to GIF can also help you. How about set the output rate? It set 1.00 as default, but you can change it to meet your own demand.

Step 3 – Start to Create Animated GIF

Here, this great program enables you to preview the output GIF and gives you the Frames List to help you organize the GIF file better.

If you’re satisfied with your previous work or there is nothing to change, you can start to create a GIF.

Select an output folder and you can also keep the original one.

Click “Run” now.

Choose Output Folder

Once that’s done, you can upload your own GIFs online or embed them into your blog to share with your friends.

Sample - The Created GIF Animation

Sample of created gif from video

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